• "After meeting Lance several years ago, he has always portrayed a sense of calm and interjected valuable insights into what was needed to build value into a growing company. It was quite clear after doing some research that this type of transaction requires a strong understanding and sophisticated attention to detail. LR Tullius was able to execute flawlessly.”

    Bruce Head Former President, Pioneer Pest Management
  • “LR Tullius helped us navigate the many phases of the process, including the LOI, due diligence, and closing. When there were hurdles, the LR Tullius team cleared the path. Once we entered due diligence, the importance of having LR Tullius by our side became abundantly clear. I know for a fact that we would not have ended up where we did without LR Tullius. They continue to check in with us following the deal to make sure it was everything we wanted it to be and that all parties are staying true to their word.”

    Phil Cooper Former Owner, Cooper Pest Solutions
  • “LR Tullius’ support through the entire process was huge and proved invaluable to our transaction. They were very straightforward regarding expectations and then delivered on those expectations.”

    Robert Baker President, Clark Pest Control of Stockton, Inc.
  • “Thank you for helping us make one of the most important decisions in our lives. We appreciate your wisdom and guidance. We are eternally grateful.”

    Dayton & Sheila Hylton Former Owners, Dayton's Pest Control
  • "In LR Tullius, I felt very comfortable that I was working with the best resource in the industry. They had a grasp of all the angles and were wickedly smart in strategizing and negotiating my transaction.”

    Chris McCloud Former President, McCloud Services
  • “It would have been impossible for us to have completed the sale of our business without the assistance of LR Tullius.”

    Donnie Blake Former President, OPC Services
  • “Selling your business can be life changing and overwhelming. LR Tullius has the experience to navigate the process, make the right connections, and offer sound advice to bring about the best solution for you and your family.”

    Chuck Tindol Former Shareholder, Allgood Pest Solutions
  • “It’s been almost five years since I sold my business and as I reflect on that decision I continue to be impressed with the process, consideration and care Lance Tullius took in helping me. I don’t have any regrets because Lance helped me consider everything from the valuation, the impact on my employees and the transition. I talk to peers in the industry today and Lance Tullius continues to be the leader in the M&A space because of his reputation and professionalism and proven track record.”

    Brent Boles Former President, Schendel Pest Services
  • “Tullius provided excellent representation throughout the process of selling our company. We cannot imagine having gone through this process without them.”

    Grant Capelouto Former Principal, Capelouto Termite & Pest Control
  • “To be honest with you, I did not envision the results could be as good as they were.  But to your credit, everything you told us we could achieve with your help was realized and more…Beyond the obvious positives to the transaction (i.e. price, terms, employee opportunities), I want to comment on a subtler and less expected benefit that you and your team delivered.  And I speak from the context of valuing closely held businesses for years before entering the pest management industry and having made several acquisitions myself in the past.  The support, guidance, and attention to detail that Tullius provided throughout the process, specifically relating to the preparation phase, preparing a credible presentation deck, and conscientiously facilitating the due diligence process, was simply not a consideration when retaining you.  The resources your team put forth in organizing this transaction went beyond the call and exceeded our expectations.  Now with the benefit of hindsight, these attributes that you provided us were huge in closing this transaction, and in a manner that was not disruptive to our business.”

    Mark O’Hara Former President, Anderson Pest Solutions
  • “I chose Lance Tullius to help advise me on the sale of my company.  I had developed a long term relationship with Lance and we had discussed a potential sale for some years.  When I was ready to move forward we had a strong relationship and there was no question in my mind that Lance was the right person to partner with.  Lance knows the pest control industry and has incredible experience getting deals done. I’m very happy with the outcome.  I feel like the entire process was handled highly professionally and Lance got me the outcome that I requested.  Trust me when I say that selling your business is a stressful thing.  Having a professional like Lance in your corner was essential.”

    Matt Nixon Former President, American Pest
  • “Lance Tullius and his firm’s involvement on our behalf was truly exceptional. Our family is in a better place now as a result of their work.”

    Jimmy Allgood Former Principal, Allgood Services of Georgia
  • “Lance Tullius’ knowledge of the past, current and future market conditions demonstrated to us that he was the professional that we needed to maximize the value of our business.”

    Kevin & Mary Beth Kordek Former Principals, A-Active Termite & Pest Control Company
  • “We relied heavily on LR Tullius due to their extensive industry specific knowledge and overall investment banking expertise. Selling your family business is time consuming, complex and emotional. Tullius effectively guided us through the acquisition process resulting in both a great price and smooth transition of ownership, that will benefit our employees and clients for many years to come."

    JT Barnard Former Principal, Anderson Pest Solutions
  • "Tullius employs a very specific and detailed system to position a company properly for sale.  The exhaustive time, effort and careful approach to detail would prove to be extremely valuable and help us to secure the best possible value for our business."

    Chuck Russell President, Eradico Services, Inc.
  • “Because of the trust I have in Lance Tullius, the decision to partner with his firm to assist in selling Action Pest Control was an easy one for me.”

    Kevin Pass Former President, Action Pest Control, Inc.
  • "Tullius did an excellent job facilitating all aspects of our transaction. It has been two years since our deal was completed and I’m very happy with the decision we made, and the role Tullius played in the process and outcome. They are the best of the best!"

    Garry Tank Former President, Buffalo Exterminating
  • “Selling your business is complex and comprehensive.  Lance Tullius and his team paved the road for what became a very successful transaction.  They guided us through every step with candid and sound counsel.  I’m happy to say that in addition to having become a trusted confidante of mine, I’m happy to call Lance a friend as well.”

    Stuart Aust President, Bug Doctor, Inc.
  • “Especially in today’s market, selling your business can be a life changing event.  Choosing a winning team to represent your company in this important event is key to receiving the best possible outcome.  Lance and his team far exceeded my expectations by achieving a multiple that was 25% higher than my best expectation.  It was a pleasure to work with Lance’s high performance and attentive team throughout the entire process. I cannot recommend Tullius more highly.”

    Michael Botha Former President, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.